City Lights

July 28, 2013

The city lights
Shine so brightly
In the ebb of darkness
Found at new moon
An impeding force
Stronger than will
Never ending always drawing
Like flies we flock
To the buzzing energy
Only to be shocked
And killed
Left soulless
And devoid.

The Following

February 21, 2013

One two three
Sing with me
The beat of
The deafening drum.

For five six
Playing tricks
Fooling all those
Who come.

Seven eight nine
Like evil swine
Following man
To the slaughter

End off with ten
Evil knows when
To pay the price
Of his daughter.


December 22, 2011



Such Contrast.

Lucifer’s Lair

March 20, 2011

Am I nervous
Am I sure
This Scarlet room
Is so impure

My hand is up
Ready for fun
My other in front
Reading to run

In the doorway
To sexual delight
In only panties
I feel some fright

One foot forward
The other back
My auburn hair
Laying slack

As I enter
Lucifer’s lair
I only hope
Life is fair

In my head
I feel it’s right
In my heart
I feel fright

He just wants
My body pure
It is this
That I fear

The Night Crew

February 11, 2011

Late night;
Clock says three.
Is it bright?
Or is it me?
So much wrong
Yet something’s right.
Is it that song
Taking my fright.
It sets me free
Oh the old AM tune
Reminding me
Of a lazy afternoon.
But it is night
That I’m sure
It is not bright
It is not pure.
Shadow struck
I am awake
Out of luck
I tried to make.
Fortune gone
Out with the light
Praying for dawn
To end the night
Insomnia staggers
Through my bone
Like dirty beggars
Sitting on stone.
That ghastly song
Still on the air
Something is wrong
I am now aware.
The radio died
Last night at two
My senses lied
This changes my view.
Foggy ringing
Playing soft
Enchanted singing
Beginning to loft.
Not the voice
Of angels in head
Without a choice
The song’s of the dead.
Devil’s trick
At 3 in the ‘morn
Insomnia sticks
Once it is born.
Later time
Continues to pass
One more rhyme
Before Sunday mass.

Devil’s Kitchen

January 14, 2011

Eating cooking
Creating all kinds of food
Sometimes out of

Dark One

January 13, 2011

Late at night
In the dark
Not a hint of light
In the park.

Under the fearless moon
Rides a man age forgot
Galloping the great dune
Through the land that is not

He takes a leap
At the step of space and time
But the pit’s too deep
They all chime

Down in here
In the core
There is no fear
Behind the cellar door

Thoughts are foggy
The mind of haze
Waking up groggy
Time to blaze

Left for dead
Without a soul
A man with no head
Is a man with no goal

The ride ends
As the sun rises fast
The ageless man fends
For those he has passed

A warrior of legend
Holding the hand of god
Protecting the brethren
Of the great pharaohs rod

In the future
The man rides on
To stop the torture
Of the souls that have gone

Protecting the holy
Is his great goal
Killing them fully
Is Satan’s true toll.