Playing Games

May 12, 2014

Furrow browed
And so unsure
The voices deep
And so impure
Begging not
For what is right
Cunning hatred
In plain sight
A damning fate
For those that care
A hurtful end
When unaware
Every action
Has an equal take
When acting true
They will act fake
Provoking anger
Desperation and fear
Wishing only
To hold you near
In the morning
When sunlight hits
I realize quickly
I should call it quits
Nothing good
Is to be had
When the rules are gone
The game’s played bad.


Pink Slip

September 30, 2013

The pressure builds
As project on project
Rises high
Pushing up into the sky
Growing, growing!
Never slowing.
The sun grows dark
With impeding doom
As these projects grow
And fill the room.
It never ends,
Oh it never ends!
Keeps on stacking
And I keep on cracking
But there is always more
Endlessly more
Break my back
I feel so sore.
Another project
The final one
I tried to do it
I tried to run.
But far too much
Work built up
And like a volcano
It did erupt.
Spilling problems
Doubt and stock.
Like lava, sulfur,
Smoke and rock.
Crashing and banging
Burning and breaking.
Two weeks.


July 25, 2012

After years of thought
And careful deliberation
After time and time
Debating the pros and cons
After waiting on edge
For the opportune moment
The rough and dry hands
Carefully secured their grip
Around the cool steel
Of the trigger
A small smile rolled across his lips
As the iron sites aligned
And with a pop
He delivered his legacy
All nine millimeters of it
Right through the poor unexpecting head
Of a man whose greed
Destroyed a nation.