I used to care

September 23, 2014

What changed in me
That you didn’t really see
Was my empathy


Who Cares?

November 21, 2013

Some days I feel love
Other days I feel true pain
Today’s apathy.


January 18, 2013

Apathy is here
Killing us with every
Meaningless breath


January 6, 2013

No motivation
Just endless
Spreading through
Limb by limb
A brain to mush
No longer care
Anything at all
A bunch of letters
Side by side
A problem of
The generation
In words of fear
Coming off
As a teen
Thinking they’ll live

Life or Death

December 17, 2012

Life and death
A start; An end
Polar opposites
Or perfect pair?
Life but a catalyst
For death;
And death for life.
Nothing differs
More greatly,
But nothing is
So symmetrically
As life and death.
The two reasons
We strive for survival;
For without one
Or the other
We simply
Wouldn’t be.


July 29, 2011

Always trying
To please
Never able
To appease
Simply trying
Never actually
Exerting yourself
Simply placing
A cheap facade
Between the world
And your real
Not so plastic
Oh the emotion
You let them run
Wilder than any beast
This fair Earth has seen
But really
There is nothing
Behind the crocodile tears
And the joys of hyena
You show the world;
Save for apathy
For you
My dear,
Are nothing more
Than an indifferent
Delusion of grandeur
Brought on
By all the foolishness
The world has
Presented you
Not even you
Can see yourself.

Fools Follow

June 1, 2010

Cows graze in fields of green
Fools praise all that’s pristine
Cows herd in pastures of grass
Fools are heard every Sunday mass

Animals follow as they are told
Fools are hollow no matter how bold
Animals eat, sleep and survive
Fools meet like bees in a hive

Fish swim up river and stream
Fools are dim even when they dream
Fish live long like perch
Fools give to the church

God created all of which I speak
He berated not only the weak
God damned all who could serve
He scammed us all; what a nerve