Broken Vow

September 19, 2012

A vow of silence.
Broken after much deliberation.
Finally hearing his voice.
A foreign sound in a foreign world.
Where wholeness once came
From nothing.
Now emptiness has come
From something.
Such contrast to his beliefs
Yet so necessary
To his survival.
For without his voice
He was unable to inform her
Of her impeding death.


diePhone 5

September 13, 2012

Consumer sheep
All in a line
To pay their dues
To the corporations
They love more
Than their closest
Human counterparts
All for what?
A thinner, longer
Mimic of what they
Already own.
Why bother buying
What you have
When you could
Give that money
To someone
Who can’t afford
To survive?

Ash to Ash

September 3, 2012

Sitting on my lonesome thrown
Miles above those I burned
I sit alone; my bridge charred
No longer able to hold the weight
Of my burdened heart
It sways and cracks
With every step she makes
To better me, to help me, to save me
I pour on the kerosene of discontent
And sit back watching it burn
The fire is beauty; powerful, strong
But when it burns out, all that remains
Is the scarred and ugly wood
Of my self-destructive reality
No foot shall walk the path I left
Not even that of a fool
For they all see the ash
And that ash shows through
Like a window into the darkened soul
Of it’s very creator


August 6, 2012

You broke my heart
Then healed it
Only to squeeze
Harder still
And shatter it
Beyond repair
For the first time
I can see
You are the one
Who set me free
Shattered the heart
leaving emotion out
I’ll never love again
I do not doubt
The pain it brings
Outweighs the good
If only you knew
I wished I could.


March 30, 2012

Without a doubt
The spark is out
Only the embers remain.

I have no fear
For what is near
But saddened by the pain.

I wish it to change
To just rearrange
But our time is dwindling down.

I may be sad
You may be glad
I will never forget your frown.


March 9, 2012

Locked up
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to hide
So much is said
So many lies
Hurt and destroyed
Dragged in the dirt
Society stabs
And makes sure it hurts
Want to turn back
Sick of it all
Time to start fresh
Must not start again
Need to stand tall.


February 24, 2012

Make it stop
No more!
All of this nonsense
Makes my brain sore.

Enough already
I’ve heard it all
Senseless arguments
Make my skin crawl.

Please quit
I’ve had all I can take
If I hear one more point
My mind will break.

That’s it
I’ve had more than enough
Before that last point
I thought I was tough.