Fountain of youth

May 6, 2017

Let me weave the fabric
Of a tale as old as I.
How old is that
I hear you ask?
While let’s begin,
Buckle in!
For this will be a ride.
It starts out,
Long before,
I was old enough to drink.
Now the swill,
I sip and spill,
And with it,
My sweat does stink.
So long ago,
I was but a boy,
Riding along on my bike.
I rode it hard,
And rode it fast,
That summer sun,
I thought would last,
Until I grew old.
But it turns out,
Without a doubt,
The Sun shall always set.
Before I forget,
Let me reset,
And tell you,
This tale is dark.
I was young,
And had just embarked,
On a quest,
I’d yet to understand.
By the end,
I’d understand,
What God has planed for me.
I rode my bike,
To the old dike,
And watched the water flow.
Deep within,
I saw a sin,
A dark man drowning slow.
I tried to reach,
From the beach,
And save the poor old man.
My hand went in,
But as it did,
His face disappeared.
When my hand came out,
I let out a shout,
For he simply reappeared.
I did this til dusk,
Then realized I must,
Peddle home before night.
As it got dark,
I created a tale,
To keep myself feeling sane.
It turned out,
The face I saw,
Is the one you’re seeing now.
I’m not sure how,
The water leaked out time.
I saw what would be,
And I knew I wasn’t free.
So into the swill,
I sip and sip,
Trying to forget the end.
The next time I rode,
Down to the dike,
I saw the tortured soul.
He smiled up at me,
Told me to live free,
For in the end I’ll grow old.
That was a century ago,
And still I grow,
For I know I’ll never die.
I stuck my hand in,
The fountain of youth,
Only youth’s not what it gave.
It robbed me of life,
And filled me with strife,
Knowing I’d never be saved 
That is my tale,
So now I shall sail,
Towards the bottom of this drink.
For when I get there,
I’ll be unaware,
That tomorrow will feel just the same.
Thanks for the ear,
But I do fear,
Death shall never come.
So goodnight to you,
I bid you adieu,
And please leave me to my rum.


One Response to “Fountain of youth”

  1. slpmartin Says:

    A most amazing tale…quite enjoyed it!

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