To a True Friend

April 19, 2015

Thoughts flowing freely
Through a tired brain,
Every loop they take
Your face is there,
Your touch,
Your hair.
God, it’s consumed me;
My every breath
Quivers out,
Thoughts of you
Remove all doubt.
Just wanting to be,
To see, to know:
That you’ll be there
For every moment
Now and to the end.
I see you
As a dearest friend,
A lover,
A partner,
And much more
Than a means to an end.
You make words escape me;
You consume my thoughts
Waking or not;
You have earned my trust,
My respect,
My love,
And my passion.
You have shown me
That there is more
Than lustful infractions.
There is sharing,
Caring, humour, and love.
But most of all
You help me to grow,
Show me there are
So many things
I have yet to know.
In all these tired
And passionate lines
I want you to know
You are always on my mind.


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