Was it all Okay?

February 12, 2015

These long days
Eat away all the time
I should have spent
Nurturing the new
Working the old
And reliving
The mistakes
That make me
Who I’ve become
I always forget
To look back and reflect
On why I’ve made it here.
Is it just me
Or is it my fear
Stopping me from moving.
I’ve done so much
Yet think so low
Of what I’ve accomplished
I keep claiming fraud
And feeling fake
For the things I just love doing
The more I try
The less I know
And longer I sit in tandem
Unsure of up or down
Which direction do I move
As life keeps sliding along
Day in and out
I just want to shout
But it just slides on by
Without ever knowing where I am
I wish I knew
I wish I grew
But it’ll just never happen
Full of regrets; full of mistakes
But things just gotta happen
Eventually I’ll find
Some peace of mind
And know it was all ok.

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