King and Brown

December 5, 2014

In a dank bar
In the south
Of St. Louis
The bar stool prophet
Sat on his stool
Contemplating aloud
“The worst thing
About what’s happening
Outside this tavern,
Is the media
Blaming the blacks,
Once again
For the injustice
Done onto them.
It’s about time,
A new Malcolm X,
Or Martin Luther King Jr.
Stepped up to the plate
And taught folks
It isn’t about black
Or white, right or wrong
Anger or vengeance
But about taking a stand
Against the oppression
Of Rodney King,
Michael Brown
And any, and all
Of those pushed
Shoved, beaten down
Or even shot.
Enough is enough,
And even me here
In my stool knows
This is not right.
It’s time to stand up
And rise like the phoenix
From the ash
A powerful symbol
Of all this suffering.”

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