Pursuit of Happiness

August 24, 2012

The pursuit
Of happiness
Often leads
To the distaste
That causes
Bringing the pursuit
Back to the forefront
Creating a cycle
So unbreakable
Not even God
Can resolve it.


August 23, 2012

I’m cut off
Removed from contact
Keeping busy
Avoiding reality.
Pretending it’s okay
When really
I wish I could say
You mean the world
You mean my life
You mean more
Than you could ever know.
But you have problems
As do I
I’m not going to sit here
And try to lie
We fight, we hurt
We get down in the dirt
But I love you
It’s true
I wish you knew
This has been hard
Being so cut off
Not a word across lip
Not even spoken soft
I miss sharing
All my secrets
I miss hearing
All your’s too
I miss it real bad
And I want to call
But I know
That would be it
My fatal fall
It pains me to say
I think of you every day
But it pains me more
To know the score
Zero to all
For we both lost out
Thanks for trying
And not holding doubt
Thanks for helping
Even when you couldn’t
Thanks for reading
Even when you shouldn’t
And most of all
Thanks for the care
That thing you presented
That made me aware

Battle Scars

August 22, 2012

I see from a far
That subtle scar
Left from lovers passed
Who claimed it would last
But who blew you away
You were a minor role in the play
Never had a word
Their heartlessness absurd
The wound has healed
But not perfectly sealed
The stitches can come undone
When you hear you aren’t the one
And all that past pain
Comes down like heavy rain
Drowning out your thought
And all the good they brought
All that’s left is the bad
The bitter and the sad
Oh that mark’s a shame
But I guess I am to blame
For I pushed you too
I wish I could make you new
But I can’t change what I’ve done
So I guess I should just run
Hide away in fright
Call your name into the night
But all I hear back
Is an absolute lack
Of any returning cries
I guess this is where it dies
With my own scar across my chest
You really did your best


August 21, 2012

Fingers running through my hair
That desperation so unaware
Lost in a moment of passionate lust
Fearing so much this misplaced trust

The look in your eye says you want more
The sway of your thigh says somethings in store
But you bite your lip and walk away
Carefully your hips they sway

Ask for a drink stay for a show
Believe what I say, but you don’t know
I hurt inside worse than before
In my heart I still want more

Key in ignition, you drive away fast
In your head this game will last
But in your heart you know it’s done
In the end no one won


August 20, 2012

Sometimes distance
Brings great insight
From a back
More can be taken in
Finally the murky
Becomes clear
Light through air
No longer foggy glass.
The brilliance.
All it took.
Was a few feet
And a good
Long look
To finally see
Everything I wanted
Was already here.

Dark Moon

August 19, 2012

A moment of thought
While in the fog
Can break the pain
And allow you to regain
That needed footing
That keeps sliding
And rolling away
Can maybe stay
But then it hits
That damned thick fog
Riding on in
Along with the sin
Never sure what’s right
Not in this fog
Maybe it’ll clear soon
Leave from the dark moon


August 18, 2012

As far as magic
The suspension of belief
Really makes the show