A Cup of Tea

November 30, 2010

Fill it up
Plug it in
Wash a cup
Open the tin
Drop a bag
In the pot
Let it sag
In water hot
Steep for three
Maybe four
look and see
Wait some more
Remove the leaf
Let it rest
In disbelief
Take a test
Warm and nice
It has to be
My biggest vice
A cup of tea

4 Responses to “A Cup of Tea”

  1. Chloe Says:

    I’m sorry…but did you write this for my mother?!! lol

    Here in England drinking tea is part of the backbone of our culture, although not quite the same care and attention is put into as they do over in China…where drinking tea is almost an art form and more than ritualistic. Our approach is more like “get it down you lass” 😀

  2. Kavita Says:

    Ahem… 1 for me too…please, Mark? I think I can safely call myself a teaholic! What’s so safe about it, I wonder! 🙂 Well, anyway, I need my morning cuppa…AT ANY COST!!!

    And just fyi, I am NOT Chloe’s mother! 🙂 I suppose Indians are friggin’ tea maniacs too! No prize for guessing where we got this trait from! 😉

    LOVED this piping hot poem, M!!! You are just TOO GOOD!

  3. Jingle Says:

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    Happy Friday!

    awesome job.
    keep it up.

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