Filling a hole

October 21, 2010

Stand up for me
Take my side
Don’t you see
Why I run and hide?

Fight my war
Win her back
Burn the core
Fix the crack.

Believe in me
Know what’s best
Can’t you see
I am not the rest

Take your time
There is no rush
Just speak a rhyme
Don’t stay hush.

Live a little
Make your mark
Get out in the middle
Leave the park.

Loose your way
In time and space
You may stay
and take her place.


17 Responses to “Filling a hole”

  1. Very nicely done. Happy rally!

  2. buttercup600 Says:

    Perfect and loved the read…happy rally my dear friend and hope you have a great weekend xx

  3. Jingle Says:

    Loose your way
    In time and space
    You may stay
    and take her place.

    love every single word of your poem.
    beautiful job.

  4. Jingle Says:

    thanks for the lovely contribution,
    enjoy the fun…

    feel free to explore fresh poets explore as well…
    it is good to make new friends.

  5. good entry man keep it up

  6. Live a little,
    Leave your mark..

    Loved this couplet a lot! Nice entry!

    My Rally Entry is here:

  7. LoLa Says:

    Nicely put. I loved you word choices. Thank you for putting it out there.

  8. suzicate Says:

    Always leave your mark, but make sure it’s a good one to leave!

  9. Hikkii-chan Says:

    What a wonderful treat. This was a touching, beautiful poem. I am so glad I managed to stop by your site today! I hope you’ll keep up the touching ideas ^_^

  10. tasithoughts Says:

    “Just speak a rhyme” I liked that…


  11. belladonna23 Says:

    sad but true….this really is how some things work, huh?

  12. xacrest Says:

    I like this tremendously. Your rhyme system is approachable and immediately accessible to the reader, and that gives it a stronger sense of flow and rhythm and momentum. Your matter-of-fact tone adds to the emotion underlying this poem, and it’s brought out very well, without being overly sentimental. Great job.

  13. Ms. Peaches Says:

    I thoroughly enjoy the way this was written- thanks so much for sharing!!!!

  14. Jingle Says:

    how r u?
    Letting you know Poets Rally week 32 is on,
    Drop me your entry if you wish to be part of it.
    Thanks a lot,
    Happy November!

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