Save Me

August 12, 2010

Why would I be saved
From this pit that has caved?
Why would I be freed
From this ground with no seed?
Why would He care
About this man so unfair?
Why would He seek
One with morals so weak?
Why would I be safe
From those with no faith?
Why would you kill
With your goddamn free will?
Why have I left
From this bitter-sweet theft?
Why have we sinned
And let had our beliefs so thinned?


26 Responses to “Save Me”

  1. i love your writing! I just read the top 3 but i am def gonna subscribe, keep it up! mwah!

  2. Jingle Says:

    great job….
    I got up to check…
    thanks for linking up..

  3. ah a lot of unanswered, heavy, questions, maybe one day they will have an answer? =]

  4. ambeywhaler Says:

    This was well thought out, I enjoyed it.

  5. Beautiful words:D and great meaning, thank so much for sharing!^^~

  6. Kavita Says:

    Mark, your poems scream out to the readers! They force a reader to get absorbed in them… completely!
    This is such a poignant poem…
    “Why would you kill
    With your goddamn free will?” — pretty much sums up the the destiny of religion these days… all the slaughter and evil, in the name of religion! It is all so ironic!

    This is an amazing read!!

  7. megzone Says:

    awww..that was such a heartfelt one 😦
    nice flow..

    im here from Jingle’s Rally
    you can read my post at…

  8. revbillcook Says:

    Enjoyed your post. A rich theme. I don’t normally mention this, but based on this poem you might enjoy visiting my other blog. Thanks – Bill

  9. mairmusic Says:

    The list of questions increases in intensity– nicely done!

  10. Jingle Says:

    love these questions,
    they make people think…

    hope that you have fun visiting participants from the list…
    Happy Thursday!
    U Rock!

  11. brian Says:

    you ask some striking questions that beg an answer…excellent write…

  12. Morganna Says:

    “If faith can move a mountain, tell me, what can move my faith?” –Storyhill

    Good questions to ask.

  13. lots of questions perhaps rhetoric perhaps not..very good poem..cheers Pete

  14. buttercup600 Says:

    I got lost in this, it touches the soul and a wonderful write. Happy rally xx

  15. tasithoughts Says:

    Wow… a lot here to think about.

  16. The wonders of the world handled so delicately. I believe there is no wrong or right religion. Just those who believe their religion to be atop all others. That’s when things become dangerous when the world supplies to “justified” to throw their blanket of religion on others by any means necessary. I admire that all your questions were referred back to you as if you were searching from the heart and not searching for the right answer.

  17. h0ll0wd0ll Says:

    Great poem. Strong emotion and I like the questioning format, it forces the reader to get involved and ask themselves these tough questions.

  18. Imagina Says:

    Wonderful theme, very precise choice of words.. i love this 🙂

  19. Jessicas Japes Says:

    A very sincere poem, with a strong theme. Enjoyed!

  20. suzicate Says:

    Insightful spiritual life questions you pose…and some day the answers will come. very nicely done.

  21. Jingle Says:

    I am collecting your poem,

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