Heart Stop

July 23, 2014

The sleeping feeling
Right before the final pump
As the heart ceases


July 22, 2014

Subway signs
And blurring lines
The city passes fast.
Bus lanes
And sidewalks stained
This love will never last.
Broken down
And with a frown
The darkness of night grows.
After life
Is full of strife
So say those who know

The Ending

July 21, 2014

In the end of life
What is left
But memories fleeting
And fading away
As time goes
What mark do we make
But the soiled nature
And tarmac covered fields
Once beautiful and pristine
Now desolate and lifeless
Only left for the most resilient
And versatile of weeds
Pushing through the cracks
And making even our asphalt fade
Eventually it’ll all be gone


July 20, 2014

A fleeting feeling felt forever
Never surfacing when were together
But afterwards like a loves remorse
Oh how I loathe this force

Passionately pondering in the wee hours now
Would this ever work, could it somehow?
But alas you and I never were a we
It is a beautiful mess and that we do see.

There it is creeping up from my tongue
Those words I want that remain unsung
A silver bullet shot from lips so smooth
A meaningful message lost in the groove

Never to be stated another time
That bullet robbed me of our passionate crime
Those three little words trembled out so fast
Loving too early made us not last

As she says goodnight

July 19, 2014

As she slid from the main room
Through the open old oak door
Into the back of the house
His eyes immediately caught her
And traced the love-lines of her life
Around and around again and again
Imagining a world where the two became one
Such a simple equation; executed every day
But unfortunately for him the function didn’t equate
As she crossed the boundary from front to back
His courage coldly quit; leaving him on thoughts
Of might have beens and what ifs that would never cease
She turned her head at that final moment
Drew a slippery smile and said goodnight.

Flight issues

July 18, 2014

Another day
And the pain
Of loss
Strikes deep
It could have
Been anyone
And to be
A country
So damaged already
It pains
To realize
The greatness
Of this crash
So soon after
The last.

Wrong path

July 17, 2014

I lost my way here
The road bent away from you
Sending me to hell